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Dear Tony,
Loved your workshop and the wonderful way in which you facilitated it! Your smile is still radiant in my mind's eye. Due to the workshop, my mind has expanded into possibilities it now cannot contract from, nor retract from. In addition, the imagination question helped me tune into a priority that I had been neglecting. I am now setting up seminars on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. I am finally taking action on my life's dream. So the benefits of expansive thinking expressed in your presentation go way beyond the immediate workshop and into the domain of one's real every day life.

Thank you!


Dayu D'Sa

Moderator: Emotional Freedom Techniques
Member: National Association of Naturopaths, Montreal, Canada

A few months later I received another message from Dayu.
This time she wrote:

Thank you again Tony for inspiring my personal vision of 'World Peace through EFT'. The EFT workshops are now proceeding in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. Expansion is also taking place in the southern United States, especially Florida. Many therapists and individuals are beginning to use EFT based on these workshops.

So what did you help to leave behind?
A vision, which, backed up by my life's efforts and energy and enhanced by teamwork with others, is about to manifest.

Thank you for your legacy, Tony.

Dayu D'Sa

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